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And now you are 5

Stepping out bravely as a newly turned 5 year old.

All the emotions. Many moments along the way where we thoughts we’d never see this day. Milestones missed. Dreams dashed. So. Much. Equipment.

Its a deeply humbling privilege to raise a child who has now done a year of full time school, and yet is completely dependent on us for all of her daily needs. A non-verbal child who finds it difficult to express how she’s feeling and we have to constantly decipher her signals to help her.

Daily we choose to serve her. To meet her needs. To ensure she’s safe and cared for. As all parents do.

But our heart is also that she gets to adventure, try new things, have lovely clothes and toys and is totally celebrated like any other child should rightly be.

She’s our princess and we are so proud of her adventurous and brave spirit.

5 never looked so good on anyone. Get ready world, she’s coming!


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